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Diff distance of sty files

No.File 1File 2Similarity
1POS.clsPoS_arXiv.cls 0.997922 x x
2POS.clsPoS2.cls 0.991 x x
3POS.clsxarch.cls 0.988577 x x
4POS.clsPoSaa.cls 0.982837 x x
5POS.clsmyPoS.cls 0.92029 x x
6POS.clsaipproc.cls 0.860507 x o sty/aipproc.cls.ltxml
7POS.clsjstyle.cls 0.59198 x x
8POS.clsshep3.cls 0.591368 x x
9POS.clspackage.cls 0.590881 x x
10POS.clsSIMO.cls 0.590174 x x
11POS.clsmyJHEP.cls 0.562286 x x
12POS.clsessai.cls 0.375238 x x
13POS.clsSymmGR3.cls 0.36892 x x
14POS.clsibrarp4.cls 0.368695 x x
15POS.clspallis.cls 0.33727 x x
16POS.clsPoS.cls 0.306999 x x

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