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Diff distance of sty files

No.File 1File 2Similarity
1VisionStyle.clsvisionstyle.cls 0.998175 x x
2VisionStyle.clstoledoStyle.cls 0.986914 x x
3VisionStyle.clseslab.cls 0.986585 x x
4VisionStyle.clspaperStyle.cls 0.985714 x x
5VisionStyle.clsspicawStyle.cls 0.977169 x x
6VisionStyle.clseslabstyle.cls 0.973236 x x
7VisionStyle.clscs13_cranmer.cls 0.963592 x x
8VisionStyle.clseslab2005.cls 0.934915 x x
9VisionStyle.clsesaspstyle4astroph.cls 0.934915 x x
10VisionStyle.clsesaspcs13style.cls 0.934915 x x
11VisionStyle.clsesaspcs13style_astroph.cls 0.934915 x x
12VisionStyle.clsesaspstyle.cls 0.932482 x x
13VisionStyle.clsisostyle.cls 0.9191 x x
14VisionStyle.clssfchem.cls 0.857285 x x
15VisionStyle.clsaipproc.cls 0.8472 x o sty/aipproc.cls.ltxml

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